Vizio E series deals and sales, the best cheap HDTV to buy

VIZIO E-series HDTV is a slim frame design, which has simply shattered the market with its features and performance in a way which only VIZIO can do. This LED Smart TV has the best quality picture and a high quality design which gives its buyer true value for money. Check the latest Vizio E series deals and sales now for all sizes:

Updated by Anthony V. Mumolo at 54 minutes ago, May 20, 2018.

Click to activate and show the cheapest price for Vizio E series (all sizes, 99 bought in 18 hours ago)
Click to activate and show the cheapest price for Vizio E series (all sizes, 99 bought in 18 hours ago)

Vizio E series available at 11 sizes, from 24 to 70 inches and has a very good price (<=32 inch, Only 720p and 60Hz), It is one of very cheap smart TV to buy: Own a 50 inches HDTV with smart App only $600, can’t cheaper. We hope you get lucky with the best Vizio E series deals and sales.

  1. VIZIO E241i-A1 24 inches About $200
  2. VIZIO E291i-A1 29 inches – About $240
  3. VIZIO E320i-A0 32 inches – About $290
  4. VIZIO E390i-A1 39 inches – About $420
  5. VIZIO E401i-A2 40 inches – About $51o
  6. VIZIO E420i-A0 42 inches – About $480
  7. VIZIO E470i-A0 47 inches – About $630
  8. VIZIO E500i-A1 50 inches – About $600
  9. VIZIO E550i-A0 55 inches – About $830
  10. VIZIO E601i-A3 60 inches – About $900
  11. VIZIO E701i-A3 70 inches – About $1,600

Vizio E series deals and sales, coupon for for all sizes: 24, 29, 32, 39, 40, 42, 47, 50, 55, 60 and 70 inches

You can enjoy the crystal clear action at 120 Hz effective refresh rate and high image quality of 1080f which is Full HD. With the help of internet applications you can get access to TV shows, streaming movies, music, and much more.

Main Features

  1. Audio connectivity for HDMI and digital Optical
  2. Network connectivity for Wi-Fi, LAN
  3. Edge lit LED display technology
  4. Maximum resolution of 1080p at 1920 x 1080
  5. Response time of 6.5 ms

Comparison with Other Products

  1. Color Accuracy: The colors are bight and are much more accurate in its display when compared to Samsung E550. Skin tone display of VIZIO was the prominent feature and is much better than Samsung E550 or TCL.
  2. Uniformity: There is no sample of flash-lighting that you can see in this HDTV. In this feature VIZIO really beat TCL and Toshiba TVs of the same price range.

Who Should Buy VIZIO E series

This true value for money product is best for the buyers who want a Full-HD resolution TV with crystal clear picture quality. The sound quality of the TV is terrific and its performance in video and audio is by far better than many expensive competitors. Due to internet connectivity options you will never run out of high quality content that you can watch on this TV.


This VIZIO E390i-A1 review proves that this HDTV delivers the video and sound quality which you may expect from this company. In terms of uniformity of color and its richness VIZIO has simple outclassed all its competitors with this TV. Today, up to 128 customers used this Vizio E series deals and sales and buy one (Most popular sizes: 42, 47 and 50, 60 inches)