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Hostgator Business plan coupon

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  1. Hostgator 50% off Coupon Code (Expires Mar-31-2016): HOSTSAVER30
  2. Hostgator 30% off Coupon Code (Expires Mar-31-2016): GATORSAVER30
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Use the coupon: HOSTSAVER30 to get discount for Hostgator web hosting, at least 30% off
Use the coupon: HOSTSAVER30 to get discount for Hostgator web hosting, at least 30% off

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Hostgator Business review
  • Speed and Performance: 100
  • Price: 85
  • Support and help: 100
  • Disk space, BW and SQL: 100
  • Overall: 97 from 2835 customers
Score By Editor: 96
In addition, Hostgator may offers other coupons with higher values, we will post it below instantly when it available. Business plan is very strong with attractive features (SSL, Free IP etc), read comparison before buy or choose Hostgator VPS coupon 2016.

Hostgator Business plan review

HostGator is one of the country’s top places for web hosting needs. The features that come with what HostGator offers have particularly helped make it very popular.

The first point of a HostGator review to note is the way how the service particularly works with providing customers with more space for all their things. The lack of bandwidth and disk space restrictions particularly makes this service worthwhile.

The control panel that HostGator uses for its functions is particularly easy to use. It includes separate sections for file control and for maintaining any email connections used on the site. The panel even lists statistics relating to the site and information on all MySQL databases and subdomains that are being utilized on a site.

The uptime on HostGator is a huge part of what makes it so essential. The only times when HostGator ever seems to be down is when some kind of planned maintenance procedure is required. Fortunately, this does not happen too often as the site is run.

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The technical support feature is a big part of a HostGator review to find as it relates to all kinds of helpful formats. It uses live phone and online chat features and even allows people to create support tickets where they can get individual answers to many of their issues or needs with HostGator by email.

There are some add-ons that are not included on a basic HostGator site but the company has made it very easy for people to get access to these add-ons. Most of these are free and include account transfer functions. It costs extra to get such things as validated SSL certificates and other things to make a site more professional though.

The design support is the last point worth spotting. HostGator says it has thousands of templates to use. It does indeed take a while to look through them all but there are many templates that vary based on themes and other physical features.

Overall, the functions used by HostGator have made it a popular place for all kinds of online needs. People can utilize HostGator for all their web hosting plans while getting more than enough support.

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