Godaddy vs Hostgator hosting review and comparison – 2016

This is a realistic assessment of myself after using both two hosting providers. You can read it and decide to choose Godaddy or Hostgator shared hosting.

Godaddy vs Hostgator hosting review

Summary review: Both are leading supplier and is well known, sure you’ll be happy using their hosting. Works great with WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, See detail below and choose the most suitable package. High speed, good support, high security, Setup automatically, immediately after the purchase, easy to pay with Credit Card or Paypal.

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Godaddy vs Hostgator hosting review and compare all package

Godaddy hosting review
  • Speed and Performance: 94
  • Price: 100
  • Support and help: 90
  • Disk space, BW and SQL: 90
  • Overall: 94.4 from 3203 customers
Score By Editor: 95
Godaddy pros and cons: Cheaper than Hostgator at any package, High load capacity, up to 2,000 users online at the same time. Data center at US/EU or Singapore. Control panel of hosting is simple and time to creat addon domain, Mysql is slow, From 30 seconds to 2 minutes (But it is not important) . Web email is slow and unfriendly and phpmyadmin is bad (however you can use Dumper). For a normally, website, It works very excellent. If you need use web mail or have difficulties in using, choose Hostgator or spend from 30 minutes to 1 hour and save your money with godaddy hosting.

Hostgator pros and cons: Very friendly with Cpanel, Easy to add new domains, Databases, ftp account or email account, forwarded, auto responder. Easy to import your database with Phpmyadmin, Work great without error. An important pros of Hostgator is 24/7 support via live chat while Godaddy is ticket and email. Hostgator has two cons is : 500 error when your site with very high online (from 1500 – 2000 for Business plan, a visitor open many pages  at same time can make 500 error) & high price.

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Coupon 50% off for all Godaddy hosting package, Free a domain name
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Use the coupon code: 50OFFALLPLAN to get the highest discount available for Hostgator web hosting

Hostgator Hatchling Plan vs Godaddy Economy package

The similarity: Limited 1 domain name, powerful and fast speed.

The differences: Hostgator offers unlimited: Bandwidth, Email, Disk space, Database and Godaddy offers 100GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth and 100 email, 10 Databases. However you can see: There is no difference between Hatchling vs Economy package. With only a website, you don’t need up to 100 email or 100GB disk space etc.

Prices: For 12 months, Godaddy economy package : $35.88 (50% off) and Free a domain name. Hostgator Baby plan is more expensive with $62.55 (30% off, You need use the coupon: HOSTSAVER30 to get this price, normal price: $66.72). If you need a good hosting for a blog, site (only one), this is the best choice for your budget. We recommend Godaddy.

Godaddy vs Hostgator hosting comparison, choose hostgator or godaddy

Godaddy Deluxe package with Hostgator Baby plan

Hostgator hosting review
  • Speed and Performance: 98
  • Price: 80
  • Support and help: 100
  • Disk space, BW and SQL: 95
  • Overall: 94.2 from 3476 customers
Score By Editor: 96
The similarity: Unlimited domains, Bandwidth, disk space and is the most popular package. 75% customer usually choose it.

The differences: Godaddy limited 25 Databases and 500 emails, Hostgator unlimited all. However I think both are enough for your needs.

Prices: Godaddy is $53.88 per year (Free domain) and Hostgator is $89.95. Same as the summary review above, Godaddy cheaper than Hostgator. You can choose any plan, both are excellent.

The result about Godaddy Ultimate vs Hostgator Business plan is similar. So now which is the best choice for you?

  1. You need cheap, stable for a few sites: Godaddy Deluxe package
  2. You need easy to use (cPanel), fast speed or use web email : Hostgator Baby plan
  3. You need strong hosting for big sites, Godaddy Ultimate or Hostgator business plan are ok
  4. You are beginner? Which plan, Yes choose Godaddy Economy package with a free domain, spend 10 minutes to know how to use and save money for first step.

I hope my experiences can help you choose the best plan with the best price, Don’t forget the Hostgator hosting coupon code 2016 and Godaddy hosting coupon code 2016.


  1. Jacky M says:

    Thanks so much bro, I decide to change from Hostgator baby to Godaddy Deluxe, very fine although the Hosting control very simple and you must wait when take any action (add domain, creat Mysql database) from 15 to 20 seconds.

  2. Tommy K. says:

    Hostgator is faster, I use Baby plan for 19 sites and still good. I love live chat, 24/7 and don’t want to wait tickets or email etc.

  3. Cat June says:

    Godaddy Deluxe plan, cheap but good. Hostgator is good too, but it is too expensive.

  4. Kymi Cola says:

    Godaddy vs Hostgator, don’t spend too more times to compare. Let’s buy one and start your plan, both are good hosting services. However I recommend Hostgator Baby plan

  5. I love Godaddy domain but i choose Hostgator, If you need use email with utf-8 encode, don’t buy Godaddy. However if you need the cheap hosting for wordpress, Godaddy is better than Namecheap, Bluehost or Dreamhost, My exp.