Best web hosting 2015, from practical experiences

Are you looking for the best web hosting 2015? I have used most of common web hosting, read my review from practical experiences and make the best decision.

Best web hosting 2015

Read the actual review, because many people are promoting for the hosting to make money, so they do not evaluate correctly. I have made ​​a comparison table at the end of the article, you can see the details in it.

Top 10 web hosting from my experiences: The evaluation criteria include stability, speed, configuration, support, cost, security

#1 Hostgator Rating: 9.3/10 stars

Hostgator review
  • Speed and Performance: 98
  • Price: 92
  • Support and help: 100
  • Disk space, BW and SQL: 96
  • Overall: 97.2 from 2664 customers
Score By Editor: 96
Some reasons to choose Hostgator:

  1. High server configuration, can load very good, fast transmission speeds. Up to 9 million domains hosted here, it is the answer for quality of Hostgator. Very friendly for beginner with Cpanel.
  2. Support via live chat, this is very important. If your website has some problems, the support by email or tickets can take several hours, several days without solving the problem. They have Sales, Billing and technical support always online, While many hosting providers support only sales chat or through tickets, you will feel extremely annoying when your website but the problem does not help immediately. My account had been overloaded (too large due to traffic), Hostgator has supported us very quickly overcome, for about 5 minutes.
  3. Hostgator’s price is higher than some other vendors, but the quality of it, this is reasonable. Use the coupon: HOSTSAVER30 to check and get highest discount at present (at least 25% off). Of course, many people still feel the price is too high, if you need to run large or important sites, choose Hostgator. Check latest updates of Hostgator coupon code 2015 to save money.

#2 Godaddy Rating: 9.2/10 stars

Godaddy hosting review
  • Speed and Performance: 96
  • Price: 100
  • Support and help: 88
  • Disk space, BW and SQL: 96
  • Overall: 96 from 1999 customers
Score By Editor: 94
GoDaddy is the biggest domain name registrar, they also is one of the most popular web hosting providers. Up to 43 million domains hosted here, see some pros and cons of Godaddy hosting below:

Configuration is very strong and can works fine when thousands of visitors online at the same time with Ultimate package, very powerful. Running stable and fast with servers from EU, US, ASIA.

Very good price, for medium sites, only $4.49 per month and free a domain name for Unlimited (25 databases, but it is too enough). Buy Godaddy hosting at special links below to get 50% off.

Some cons: Does not support via Live chat, Web email (free) seem slower than Hostgator. You must spend 5 – 10 minutes to use control panel (however it isn’t difficult). Overall, it is #2 for your choice, order now and try their’s services. Read more at page: Godaddy hosting coupon code 2015.

#3 iPage Rating: 9.2/10 stars

iPage hosting review
  • Speed and Performance: 96
  • Price: 100
  • Support and help: 98
  • Disk space, BW and SQL: 95
  • Overall: 97.8 from 2860 customers
Score By Editor: 96
iPage is one of the oldest web hosting services, I used iPage and have some review:

Cheap, very cheap, they usually offer special prices: $1/month and free a domain name, Only $24 for 2 years and get free one .Com, Net, Org etc.

Good support, Via Live chat includes: Technical and sales, billing.

iPage use a customized control panel, same as godaddy you need spend 10 minutes to learn how to use it. Everything are good, However, the configuration of iPage seems weaker than Godaddy and Hostgator, but works fine for websites with 3k – 5k visitors per day. It is the best web hosting for beginner: Save investment cost, $18 (12 months) and free a domain name to start.

It is 3 best web hosting 2015, i give a short review for other hosting:

  1. Inmotionhosting: Not bad, fast speed and stable, however they can suspend your account with a few visitor per day, or load AJAX, very over CPU (I has been suspended an account for website with 300 visitor per day). Don’t buy it, Rating: 6.5/10 stars
  2. Bluehost: Good, strong and friendly with Cpanel, 247 suport via Live chat. Price at $4.95/mo, Recommend if you don’t choose 3 best web hosting above. Read more: Bluehost coupon code 2015. Rating: 9.0/10 stars
  3. Dreamhost: Strong but too simple, unfriendly with a customized control panel. However it stable but expensive, I rate it 8/10 stars.
  4. Stablehost: Cheap at basic plan, good but some time may die from 5 – 30 minutes. Plus plan too expensive, you should choose Godaddy or Hostgator at this price. Rating: 8.5/10 stars, read the page: Stablehost coupon code 2015.
  5. Site5: Powerful, stable but too expensive. For important plan, Site5 works fine, Rating: 8.8/10 stars, but we recommend Hostgator
  6. iPower: Same as iPage, however it is more expensive. Rating: 8.8/10 stars
  7. Justhost & Hostmonster: Similar as Bluehost, you should choose Bluehost for faster and good support. Rating: 8.7/10 stars
  8. Namecheap: Works fine for small sites, good when you use domain name and hosting from they.
  9. Hawkhost: Usually die, 15 – 60 minutes for per week. However it is cheap and stable, good for beginner, Rating: 8.3/10 stars
  10. Webhostingpad: Usually die, 15 – 30 minutes per week, however it has very good price. You also use it for small plan, good idea.

Finally, we hope you can choose the best web hosting 2015 with my review and start your business plan today.

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